Creation Campaign : Current Affairs Quiz – November

After the success of the previous Current Affairs campaign, we launch a new campaign : Current Affairs Quiz : November


What do you have to do?

Create a Quiz around Daily/Weekly News with a minimum of 8 Questions

The theme:
Current Affairs (Anything related to the news – Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

The Quizzes can be general in news or niche in category like Business Current Affairs, Tech Current Affairs, International Current Affairs, India Current Affairs, Sports Current Affairs or Science Current Affairs.


India Current Affairs 5th September

Current Affairs 23rd August


  • Be original. Do not blindly copy quizzes from others/other sites.
  • Each game (contest) needs to have at least 8 questions
  • Select Current Affairs Campaign while creating your Quizzes
  • Period of contest : 1st November 2012 – 30th November 2012

Guidelines for Current Affairs Quiz Creation:

Use the following Title and Keywords to bring uniformity to the Campaign

Title : <Type> Current Affairs Quiz <Month> eg : Sports Current Affairs Quiz November 2

Keywords : Current Affairs Quiz ,

Prizes for Creating:

Prizes for the Leading content developers

Pls note that the chances of winning the Top Creator Prizes is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of content

Any doubts or queries? Please leave a comment or email us at

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