Score/Prize Points

What is a Score?

A score is a number that judges a user’s performance in a particular contest. Scores are displayed for every contest, unlike Prize points, which are only won on certain contests.

What are Prize Points?
Prize points are points that are earned when a user plays selected contests for the first time, unlike a score which is universal to all contests. These Prize Points can later be redeemed for prizes.

Is there negative marking? If yes then is it applicable to all contests?
No. Currently we do not have negative marking for any contest.

How do I redeem my Prize Points?
You can redeem your Prize Points by going to the ‘Prizes’ section, clicking on the prize that you desire, then click on the ‘Redeem Now’ link that is present at the bottom of the window. If you qualify to redeem the prize i.e. possess the required amount in Prize Points, click on the ‘Redeem Now’ button at the bottom of the page. Proceed to fill the entire form & enter your ‘Password’ to confirm the redemption.

Where can I view my Prize Points?
You can view your Prize Points earned by visiting your profile page.

How do I join the new Contests2Win? Will my old Contests2win id work? Will my points get transferred?
You need to ‘Sign up’ to join Contests2win. But, if you already have a previous Contests2win id, you can get it transferred along with your points to the new Contests2win.

How will I know if I have won? How long will you take to announce the results of a contest?
At the end of each contest, winners will be declared. These winners will be informed via email or phone & their names will also be displayed on the website.

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  1. NPM

    I haven’t been awarded my prize points for many contests….Whom should I contact???

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